Shifting Focus

I recently returned to the classroom for a unique opportunity to guide a small group of students to enhance their capacity to understand and communicate in French and expand their appreciation of French literature and culture.

Ainsi, je voudrais commencer de m’exprimer en francais et de noter ce que j’apprends par ces experiences. 

Les jeunes etudiants aiment les ordinateurs et la capacite d’etre creatives! Il faut les aider en dessinant des devoirs ou ils representent leurs idees en images et voix digitales.

I also guide teens within the local Jewish community to explore and create on Sunday evenings during the academic year. Using cell phone or digital cameras or writing texts, leading them to consider information that I have compiled for them are the focus of my energies with the teens. 
I also have curated and networked so the photos these teens have made are viewed by others within Cincinnati. 

you can read more about my work at Mercaz High School, Cincinnati, OH

and this page as well   and other efforts in the non-profit world

More to come as my work with teens evolves!!


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