reaction to TED talks

Every so often, I set aside time to view recorded TED or TEDx talks, for the inspiration and capacity to learn from others’ work and ideas.

Even though these clips are not ‘reading’. they tend to be quite informative, much like the latest books I borrow from the public library or local research libraries.
Oscar Schwartz, Australia, designed an algorithm to determine if a computer can write poetry, even though we think of composing poetry as a uniquely human endeavor or skill.
almost 11 minutes — filmed in May 2015 — human or computer composed poems?

Another mind-boggling innovation is the work of artificial intelligence experts who compose algorithms so computers interpret images – again crossing the line that may separate machines from humans — almost 18 minutes long — filmed in March 2015 — computers understand images

Chieko Asakawa, seeking to regain her independence, despite blindness — 9.5 minutes long — filmed Dec 2015 — guiding the blind to navigate spaces

and many others — your thoughts? your preferred TED or TEDx talks?

another TED talk to share — Sam Kass emphasizes the link between good nutrition (adequate, beneficial chemicals) and capacity to learn and manage to deal with stressors!! from November 2015

Linda Liukas, of Finland, in 2016, recorded this TED talk about the need for all of us to understand and use code to become more in control of computers. She values the capacity to create and hints at the skills and traits young people should develop for future success.