Baroness Susan Greenfield’s thoughts

Recently, I became aware of Baroness Greenfield’s research and conclusions, which reminded me of the line of thinking known as technological determinism (already mentioned in this site).

Baroness Greenfield’s investigation and reflection on what is understood about brain activity and body chemistry contributed to her 2014 bookMind Change: How Digital technologies are leaving their marks on our brains — and other recent writings — as found on her web page —

The Financial Times of London printed Cordelia Fine’s review of this book (which other reviewers found challenging to read) —

Even though Baroness Greenfield’s prose may be challenging and her arguments weakly established, she raises issues we often overlook —
Are we making prudent decisions as to when and how and for how long we use digital devices and seek digital data for a variety of purposes?
Do we always recognize the shortcomings or problems?
Have we established systems to reduce the impact of these problems or shortcomings?

Of specific note — Baroness Greenfield and colleagues documented a six-month study bringing together neuroscientists and educators — the link shared above to her research papers guides us to this 2011 paper —

From Scientific Theory to Classroom Practice.

Is this worthy of replication?



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