Month: October 2013

Devices, Creativity, Interactions

Balancing our Use of Devices with Face-2-Face Interactions & Creative Moments

Having noticed the past few months the increasing tendency of drivers to be holding their mobile phones as they drive, or people in stores & public spaces engaging in conversations with others in different locations, as it is now so feasible, provokes the question of how to achieve this balance.

Since 2013, pediatricians and early childhood educators have been emphasizing the need for parents to become more mindful of how their child is using an iPad, or to manage or limit the time a youngster is using these devices. With touchpad screens, using these devices becomes so automatic and engaging. Perhaps it does encourage some level of problem solving, as we have to backtrack to arrive at what we want when what we have selected on the touchscreen does not yield what we anticipated.

I wonder what needs to happen to individuals for people to recognize the need to take time to be with others, in a digital-free zone?

Will we regain our conversational skills, idea generation process, opportunities to be collaboratively creative to address common concerns?




Functioning during rapid change



The beauty of this gardenia requires time and care (based on thought and knowledge). The rapid changes in our society and glut of information can be overwhelming. Are we taking time to think about the outcome of all of these changes? Are we using these innovative options to derive true benefit? 

Are we prepared to encourage others to slow down and consider the implications of what they are creating and offering others as tehy launch more and more innovative tools or apps? 

Do we have adequate time to learn these tools and determine the best way to incorporate these tools in our lives for ongoing benefit? 

Even though the devices and applications can bring us closer together, are they really bridging communication gaps? Have we forgotten the art of face-to-face conversation and personal interactions? 

Can we put our devices to the side as we drive, or walk, or wait for something else to happen?