on digital badges

Erin Knight and many other innovators have described multiple ways our educational system is transforming in response to other changes in our society.
We have other expectations as learners, workers, and people; simply step back and consider all of the adaptations many of us have accepted in our daily lives.

Education is starting to catch up; digital badges and the interest in MOOC’s are 2 of several examples.

Innovation can either be defined or managed by us, or individuals can be controlled by innovative practices that others have designed and determined as required (technological determinism).

So many desirable skills, useful for participation in the workforce, have yet to be organized into formal degree programs, the model we have used for so many decades. These skill sets are periodically changing due to the rapid evolution of technology or digital tools. Digital badges appear to address the need to formalize individuals’ mastery of such desirable skills.
The paradigm is shifting. Through experimentation, documentation and analysis of these experiments we can design and control innovative practices. We can determine how to structure learning experiences that are responsive to individual interests and meet the needs of societal forces.

Also shared on the Evolllution.com – an online space to share ideas on lifelong learning.

Others’ ideas on digital badges:

http://hastac.org/blogs/slgrant/2012/10/05/asking-questions-about-badges-higher-ed  (Sheryl Grant, Director of Social Networking for the HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition)

http://tedaect.blogspot.com/ (Jason Siko, Member of AECT-TED, sharing his experiences using digital badges with pre-service teachers)


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